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TrackYourPlays.com was born out of a need to track the long-term horse racing results of handicapping products, angles, hypothesis and theory; as well as anything else the average horseplayer would like to keep track of. We also wanted to create trackers that would allow us to “invest” in racing with a long-term, positive ROI.

We believe the ability to change the results based on the very different landscapes of each race, and the varying odds of each horse over tens of thousands of races at Track Your Plays, will give you a massive advantage over the competition. We must remember that pari-mutuel wagering pits horse players against each other, so knowing when to bet what horse, is always the difference between winning and losing… So, join us and start finding the right bets today!

How the Trackers Work

Trackers give you a long term “what if” look at your selections with different variables, like odds, distance, surface etc. Don’t like the results with your picks at 2-1? Change it to 8-1 and see what happens! Sprints only? Sure thing. Dirt only? Grass only? Try it out and see how all...

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All new subscribers get a 100% free, lifetime membership! With the free membership, you can create as many Trackers as you want, but only have one Tracker at any time and you can have up to 500 horses in your Tracker. Over time with a full paid membership, you will have Trackers with more than 10,000 selections! Maybe even 100,000! It doesn’t matter, add as many as you like, create as many Trackers as you want and parse them by any data as often as you want! Click here to start your free membership today or click here to jump right in to a full unlimited membership and start finding your winners!

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